This Sunday morning, after celebrating the Eucharist, we began a time listening, discernment and prayer to prepare for the election of the new Provincial Animation and Government Team (EPAG), which will accompany our journey during the next period.
We opened to the light of the Spirit in order to discover the sisters who will accompany us on the journey, in order to live and to be a presence that is prophetic and fruitful, close, merciful and compassionate in the today that we are living through.
Our Constitutions indicate the profile of the sister called to be a Provincial Animator, to lead in a Palautian manner:

Accompanies and animates the life and mission of the province, Promotes teamwork, knows how to delegate, promotes communion, and many other important duties.
In a prayerful atmosphere, each of us placed three of these gifts, thus forming a path on which we want to travel together, in communion, mutual affection and commitment.
We called upon the Spirit of the Lord to guide us in our discernment and throughout this day of elections.
With joy we share with you the sisters chosen for this mission:

Provincial Animator: Sister Mª Isabel Obregón
1st Councilor: Sister Teresa Ofelia Rosas
2nd Councilor: Sister Olga Teresita do Carmo
3rd Councilor: Sister Norma Pérez
4th Councilor: Sister. Glória Pacheco

We thank the Lord for the willingness and the courage of our five sisters who have accepted the challenge and mission. Their mission is to continue and strengthen processes that have already begun, together with many sisters and lay persons who give their lives to serve the Church made of persons with real faces in our American continent.

At the same time, we thank the sisters who are finishing their service today: Sisters Mirtha, Amalia and Elida. May God continue to inspire them in their gift of self every day.
At the end of the day, Sr. Maria Isabel expressed spontaneously her gratitude, hopes and desires:
“Thank you all, Sisters of the Council with whom I have shared these years: we have journeyed together as one body.
“Today we undertake this challenge with the certainty that God leads us by the hand. I trust in each and all of you, in your support, prayer and spirit of communion. I feel great peace. The Lord will know how to bring fruit from these days of assembly, because in the heart of each one is the desire to do good, like our sister Teresa Mira. In our heart is the desire to give continuity to everything we have dreamed of.”